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Ultraviolet Tools LLC we are a  leading ultraviolet lighting manufacturer specializing in the fluorescent mineral hobby.  Our UV lamps provide the best value to the beginner hobbiest, geologist, miner, or natural history/science teacher in mind.  We have provided ultraviolet lamps of all wavelengths since 2002.

Did you know less than .005% of the world's population even know that fluorescent minerals exists? And that 90% of those fluorescent minerals need a specialized shortwave UV to "glow".

Our mission statement is to provide our customers with a lifetime full of enjoyment using their UV lamps and to provide them fluorescent minerals to collect from around the world!

Ultraviolet Tools LLC
Monday - Friday 8:00 - 5:00 CST
Phone: 512-775-1416
Fax: 443-773-1416

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