Fluorescent Minerals

Did you know that 90% of all fluorescent minerals need shortwave Ultraviolet in order to "glow". A blacklight aka longwave UV does not have enough energy to cause the fluorescent reaction in fluorescent minerals. A shortwave lamp needs a specialized bulb to generate the shortwave UV but more importantly the external filter is needed to block the visible light generated by the bulb. Without the filter you cannot clearly see the fluorescent response. Visible light masks the colors generated in the rock and its always best to hunt or view your fluorescent minerals in the dark.


Mining and Prospecting

In the world of mining and prospecting UV lights are used to help find several precious and semi-precious minerals. The main type of UV is shortwave that is used while mining and prospecting. While gold, silver, or tungsten are not fluorescent themselves several secondary minerals are. In tungsten ore schellite rock glows a nice blue white making it easy to find at night and helps with finding the direction of the vein. Almost always gold and silver mines have secondary minerals that are fluorescent. Calcite, fluorite, and willemite are examples of secondary minerals that can glow when hunting for that vein. A shortwave UV lamp is a must have when mining and prospecting. And bigger is always better when hunting with a UV lamp!


Scorpion Detection

A unique attribute of scorpions is that they glow green under UV light. They glow a bright green and are easily spotted in the dark. This is especially important in locations where scorpions try and do enter homes and business. The sting from a scorpion is a very painful one. Any type of UV will detect scorpions but longwave UV aka a blacklight is normally used in scorpion detection. UV lamps are a great tool to have to detect and remove scorpions from your home or business!



Shortwave ultraviolet (UVC) is the type of UV radiation used disinfection applications. Shortwave UV breaks down organic matter and is use to kill bacteria and airborne viruses by breaking down the organism. When using for disinfection you do not need a external filter. If you or your child have allergy issues install a HVAC shortwave lamp in your home. You will be amazed how allergies can go away in just a couple of weeks! The disinfection of water, high use surfaces, and public places are important uses are benefit from the use of shortwave UV to disinfect. Also note the higher the shortwave UV wattage the faster the organic matter is broken down.


Forensic Science

In the world of CSI longwave and shortwave UV is used for several forensic applications. Examples of UV use are for the detection of bodily fluids, fingerprints, and abuse. Law enforcement can use shortwave UV to help detect bruises not seen by the human eye. There have been cases when children where abused but the hand prints where only seen under the shortwave UV lamp. A very important tool in prevent crimes.


UV Curing

Ultraviolet light is also used to help cure UV glues to help do repairs. Examples of repairs are done by windshield repair companies, dentists, art fixture repair and other commercial applications. The chief type of UV used is longwave UV but in a concentrated beam although broad longwave UV can used. The process of curing just takes longer to cure. These types of UV glues are not normally seen by the human eye once the repair is done.

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