The following links are great links to those interested in Fluorescent Minerals:

Naturesrainbows   -  A great new website that is full of fluorescent mineral topics and is a non commercial site.

Fluorescent Mineral Society

Tozour Family's Fluorescent Rocks - James E. Tozour

Mineraux Fluorescents - Patrick Arweiler

Photographing Fluorescent Minerals - in Stereo!

Axel Emmermann (site) - (FMS article)

Franklin and Sterling Hill Minerals - Herb Yeates

Mark's Fluorescent Mineral Collection - Mark Thompson

Chris's Mineral Collecting Page and FrOg Online (Franklin/Ogdensberg) list archive

Ken's Fluorescent Minerals - Ken Colosky

EarthGlow at - Mike Rodriguez

Collecting Fluorescent Minerals book -- Stuart Schneider

Adventures of a Fluorescent Mineral Collector - Corby Waste

Fluorescent Mineral Photo Gallery- Jim Hamblen

Minerologists Guild - Northeastern USA collecting sites with field notes on fluorescence

Exploratorium - Fluorescence and Phosphorescence - experiments and explanation by Paul Doherty

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