95 Watt Shortwave Display Lamp

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  High output display lamp for fluorescent mineral collections. Great output great coverage of any "standard" confederate mineral display case. Typically mineral cabinet size is 4x4x3 feet.  One 95 watt shortwave UV lamp with high polish UV tuned German reflector. Cooling fans maintain level heat temperatures for optimal output. Electronic UV tuned ballasts also includes holding brackets with chain hooks for easy mounting. Mounting chains are included. Always wear UV blocking safety glasses when operating outside of a enclosure.

Shipping USA: $20.00

Internatinoal Shipping $59.00

Size:  24" x  5"x 2 1/2"
Bulb type:  95  watt HO shortwave (254nm)
Glasses:  UV blocking glasses (included)
Reflector:  UV optimized reflector
Weight: 6 lbs
1 year warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!


24" x 5" x 2.5" dimensions.

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