DC 12 Volt Battery Pack & AC/DC Inverter

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Product Description

To be used with any of our AC  field lamps. Comes with dual charging adapters for home and car use.  To be used with AC/DC inverter  (INCLUDED)

Battery case made of nylon and has adjustable shoulder strap.  Battery used is a 8 amp battery pack  at 12 volts.  Battery pack if enough power to be used for a evenings worth of field collecting.
It is recommended to extend the life of the battery to turn off the lamp when not in use.   Battery is a seal lead acid battery and approved to carry on airplanes.  Battery can be charged at home or in the car.  Average recharge takes approx. 7 hours per charge cycle. 

AC/DC Inverter converts power from the 12 volt battery and converts it into use for our AC powered field lamps.  Also protects bulbs from low battery current. 

Weight: 6 pounds

Shipping: $15.00 USA  International shipping:  $55.00 any other country

Warranty: 90 days

100% Guarantee!

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