13 Watt Shortwave Field Lamp

Product Code: m80

Manufacturer: Ultraviolet Tools LLC

Price: $169.99

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Product Description

Shortwave 13 watt filter UV lamp for home and field use. Extremely lightweight and compact under 2 pounds in weight. Using high polish UV optimized  German reflector. Good output and footprint for field use.  Can be used on any 110 volt electrical outlet and  can be used in conjunction with our battery pack and AC/DC inverter for field use (sold separately).

Note: Shortwave ultraviolet radiation (UV light) can sunburn eyes and skin with prolonged use at this wattage we strongly recommend to always wear UV blocking glasses and afford direct skin exposure. Use caution wear UV blocking safety glasses and children should always have adult supervision when using the lamp.   

Sample fluorescent minerals include and UV blocking glasses.

International customers:  You will received a 220 volt to 110 volt  step down power inverter  and AC plug matching your country so the lamp can be used in your country.  Shipping:  $11.50  USA  International $50.00

Size:  8" x  5"x 2 1/2"
Bulb type:  13 watt shortwave (254nm)
Glasses:  UV blocking glasses (included)
Reflector:  UV optimized reflector
Weight: 2 lbs
1 year warranty

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

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