36 Watt Shortwave Field Lamp

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Very high output with a extra large UV footprint. The lamp can double as a display lamp for certain size display cabinets. The output is so impressive that willemite minerals can be detected glowing at over 50 feet! Our most popular lamp out in the field. Please note lamps emits a sizable amount of shortwave UV radiation. User must always wear UV blocking safety glasses and be aware the UV footprint is considerably large. 2x18 watt shortwave UV Lamp size 9 3/4"x7"x2 1/2" using a lightweight electronic ballast.

Note: Shortwave and midwave ultraviolet radiation (UV light) can sunburn eyes and skin with prolonged use. Use caution and children should always have adult supervision when using.
Unit can be used with DC battery pack or used with a step down power inverter to be used in foreign countries using 220V.  International customers will receive the 220v to 110v step down converter for the lamp.  This lamp is a professional grade shortwave UV lamp.  Shortwave UV must always be respected with care.  Proper protection of eyes and skin must be done at all times.

Size:  9 3/4" x  7"x 2 1/2"
Bulb type:  18x2 watt shortwave (254nm)
Glasses:  UV blocking glasses (included)
Reflector:  UV optimized reflector
Weight: 3 lbs
1 year warranty

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