Enhanced 11 Watt Shortwave - Longwave UV Lamp

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Manufacturer: Ultraviolet Tools LLC

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    VERY SPECIAL OFFER:  We have enhanced our M100E from 6 watt to 11 watts using a HO (high output) Oshram/Sylvania specialized bulb and ballast.  Same size but now with more shortwave UV!

Included in the kit are TEN fluorescent mineral specimens that are each bagged individually with location and type of fluorescent mineral. 

UV blocking safetly glasses are also included to help protect eyes from any shortwave UV light and from flying rocks when breaking rocks out in the field.

Additional 6 watt blacklight bulb is also included (must be installed seperately) note: less than 10% of fluorescent rocks will respond to a longwave blacklight but nice to have in your kit.

Also included is access to our educational resource site (password protected) which includes access to educational books about fluorescent minerals, FMS sample newsletters, fluorescent mineral slideshow and  more!

Shipping: (packages weight approx 4 lbs)  $8.50 USA via USPS flat rate Priority Mail 2-3 day    Any other country $33.00 per kit USPS Priority International Flat rate 5 - 15 day   (little or no VAT import duties 25 usd declared value)

Lamp Size: 10 1/2" x 2 1/2" x 2"
Wattage: enhanced 11W shortwave HO (high output) 
Batteries Required: 3 D (not included)
Bulbs Included: 11 watt  254nm Shortwave -  6 watt Longwave Fluorescent tube (note only one bulb inside the lamp holder at a time)
LED:  Bult in LED flashlight on side of lamp.
UV glasses: special polycarbonate 99.9% UV blocking glasses.
UV Tools Educational Resource Web Link  (password protected)
90 day warranty


100% Satisfaction Guarantee!  We are 100% certain you WILL NOT find a better value  ANYWHERE!

 NOTE:  grand total will be adjusted upon final checkout tax will only be charged 8.25% if you reside in Texas

Please note the brief video is for our are older 6 watt version.  The M100HO lamp design is identical just provides 11 watt of shortwave UV vs 6 watts


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